Under Armour Case Study

Challenge: Under Armour's New York Store Content Deployment & Remote Management

Under Armour, a well-known American sportswear and athletic apparel company founded in 1996, faced a significant challenge at their New York store location. They needed a solution that would allow them to deploy content on the go, manage it remotely with live updates, and leverage different widgets within the CMS to reflect ongoing classes or store notifications, all while maintaining their brand identity.

Solution: Sodaclick's Customised Content Deployment and Management Solution

Sodaclick provided Under Armour with a customised solution tailored to their specific needs. By implementing the Sodaclick platform, Under Armour gained the ability to instantly post content to their screens and manage it remotely from a single, user-friendly dashboard. This powerful solution empowered Under Armour to create dynamic and engaging content that could be updated in real-time, ensuring that customers were always well-informed about the latest offerings and promotions. One of the key benefits of using the Sodaclick platform was the ability to leverage the different widgets within the content management system. Under Armour was able to import Excel sheets into the design and quickly deploy them to the screens. This allowed them to reflect ongoing classes or any notifications within the store, ensuring that customers were always informed about what was happening.This allowed full autonomy and flexibility in controlling in-store digital signage

Key Benefits:

Easy to Use

The Sodaclick content platform is easy to use with thousands of agency grade templates and assets to choose from. Templates are infinitely editable with many in app features all included. 

On Brand Content Creation

Maintaining brand identity is crucial for any successful company. With Sodaclick, Under Armour could rest assured that their content creation and deployment adhered to their brand guidelines. The platform offers a wide range of high quality agency grade templates and assets, ensuring that the content produced was visually appealing, on-brand and aligned with Under Armour’s unique style and image.

Live Connected Data Integration

To enhance the customer experience and drive sales, Under Armour needed to showcase real-time data, such as ongoing classes and events happening within the store. Sodaclick’s connectivity capabilities allowed for the seamless incorporation of live data sheets into the content, ensuring that the information presented was always accurate and up to date. This feature enabled Under Armour to effectively upsell and cross-sell products based on the latest happenings and customer interests.

Real Time Updates

The fast-paced retail environment demands agility and the ability to make timely changes. Sodaclick’s platform provided Under Armour with unique HTML5 URL links that facilitated live updates on the go. This meant that the content displayed on the screens could be adjusted in real-time, allowing for quick changes and updates to promotions, notifications, or any other relevant information. This feature empowered Under Armour to respond swiftly to market dynamics and customer demands.


By utilising Sodaclick, Under Armour successfully addressed their content deployment and remote management challenges at their New York store. The customised solution provided by Sodaclick enabled Under Armour to create and deploy on-brand, dynamic content with ease. The integration of live connected data and the ability to make real-time updates added a new level of interactivity and responsiveness to their in-store digital signage. As a result, Under Armour maintained their brand identity, improved customer engagement, and enhanced their overall retail experience.

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