Do you have these three concerns about voice technology?

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Salwa Al-Tahan

10th May 2022

Three Misconceptions Answered

1-Voice is often thought to be inefficient in noisy environments. 

This may have been the case in the past or with other tech companies, but that technology was OLD! Much has changed in terms of both the software and the hardware used. 

Yes it’s true, previously recognition was poor in commercial settings due to inadequate microphones, often causing frustrated user repetition. Now with the advancements in technology, the quality of microphones is much better resulting in improved recognition. To ensure further optimal accuracy and improved efficiency for Voice AI, Sodaclick has created it’s own superior microphone. The Sodaclick Beam Form 1 microphone, designed specifically for kiosks uses beam forming technology and features proprietary multi array elements with patented noise and echo reduction, notably resulting in improved and optimum efficiency.

Additionally the voice recognition software has also come a long way! With far better Natural Language Understanding (NLU), voice recognition and processing is far more precise.

2-Don’t compare Voice!

It’s like comparing apples with oranges….sure they are both fruit but each with their own unique taste, colour and texture. Voice AI is often compared in the same way but it’s not just speech recognition.

Do you instantly think of Google, Alexa or the likes when we talk about voice? Many often do, and then automatically disregard the concept for businesses because they are imagining the same implementation and limitations in a busy environment.

But there is a BIG difference between Alexa, Google and voice AI recognition. The former were designed for a quieter home environment and that is where they are most successful. Put them in a noisy commercial setting and it’s true- most would fail because they will pick up the extra noise. Such devices are simply not designed to accommodate for these environments, causing the customer to keep repeating themselves leading to order inaccuracy and increased frustration.

That’s why a DIFFERENT VOICE AI TECHNOLOGY is needed for commercial settings. In an interview with the CEO of Sodaclick- a tech company with their own proprietary voice AI solution Ibrahim Jan said: 

‘In order to have a viable solution we began looking at the problem of why voice wasn’t successful in commercial settings. It was immediately noticeable that the ultimate pain point of customers was the poor recognition. This caused customers to keep repeating themselves, which is understandably frustrating and a waste of time.

So the question we kept asking ourselves was ‘How can we make the voice recognition better?’ 

Ibrahim says, ‘Sodaclick Voice AI was actually designed with noise in mind! The main goal was to solve that part of the AI first, and then we wanted to show the world that you CAN get voice working successfully in commercial settings.’

3- Voice compromises privacy?

Ok so there has been a lot of bad publicity around voice AI. We have all received the whatsapp messages and read the articles warning us that the very phones we carry around all day with us and our home devices record our every conversations. But this is not the case. 

The reality is that these devices do have microphones which ‘listen’ for voice commands. However, the purpose of this is in order to be able to initiate the voice recognition on our request, and carry out our commands. But, reassuringly most companies claim they do not record or send the voice logs anywhere. 

At Sodaclick, Ibrahim confidently states that no voice logs are saved: Even despite our connected service nothing is saved and no logs are sent anywhere. Everything is recognised in the cloud but is anonymous and nothing is ever stored.’ Sodaclick does adhere to the GDPR and necessary certifications across many sectors including healthcare, financial, security and more, ‘We understand this is a big concern for customers looking into Voice AI, and since we value our customer’s security and privacy, we want to reassure everyone that with Sodaclick a customer’s voice and data is not going anywhere!’ 

Sodaclick is indeed changing the world of voice recognition with conversational voice AI solutions across industries. Watch the video below to see how smoothly Voice AI can work in a QSR setting. 

If you would like to see how we can add value to your business, please contact us for a demo of one of our solutions.

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