Sodaclick and PFM partner to transform drive-thru with Conversational Voice AI Technology.

Drive-Thru Innovators Partner to Deliver A Complete Voice AI Ordering Experience

Sodaclick, a leading digital content and groundbreaking voice AI technology company is proud to announce its partnership with PFM Global Holding B.V. as an approved provider of automated drive-thru Voice AI ordering solutions, offering customers worldwide engaging and interactive user experiences.

PFM, an industry leader with over 30 years experience is a trusted provider of drive-thru headsets and data solutions for renowned global retail and QSR brands such as KFC, McDonalds and Tim Hortons amongst others.

Through this strategic partnership, the two powerhouse companies are combining their expertise to truly shape the future of drive-thru ordering. PFM will integrate Sodaclick’s conversational Voice AI assistant technology into their suite of drive-thru headsets to offer a complete product solution for brands worldwide. More importantly, together the companies aim to address current challenges within the industry- such as labour shortages, long wait times and order inaccuracies, bringing their wealth of experience to provide real solutions and add value to the market.

“Sodaclick’s voice AI capabilities paired with PFM’s deep drive-thru experience is a game changer,” said Ibrahim Jan, CEO of Sodaclick. “We could not be more excited to combine our cutting edge technology with such an innovative and like minded partner and we look forward to creating the next generation of the drive-thru together. The upcoming opportunities are very exciting and it’s great to be joining hands with PFM and setting a new standard for the industry!”

Sodaclick, in close partnership with PFM, is poised to lead the global drive-thru industry in the realm of conversational Voice AI technology. By offering near human interactions at the order point, in over 86 languages and variants, businesses will be empowered to address labour shortages and enhance customer service. This transformative technology allows customers to place orders completely hands-free using natural language, with the voice assistant processing customised orders directly to the POS. It can answer any dietary information, offer cross sell / upsell opportunities based on weather and time, and allow customers to interact fully with the AI at the drive-thru order point. Additionally it enables the repurposing of staff to focus on crucial tasks, ultimately leading to improved and more streamlined operational efficiency, increased sales and an enhanced customer experience.


“We’re on a mission to improve our clients’ locations, unlocking untapped potential.” said Bart Schmitz, CEO of PFM,  “Sodaclick and PFM’s Advanced Order Taking (AOT) technology is set to enhance order speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency within the QSR industry. Notably, our drive-thru solution now enables orders in 86 languages – 4 simultaneously—an epic advancement!”

The collaboration ushers in a new era of engaging user interactions with Sodaclick conversational Voice AI assistants at the order point, setting a new benchmark for excellence across the drive-thru and QSR industry. With this shared mission to shape the future of the drive-thru industry, Sodaclick and PFM will begin rolling out their combined solution commercially over the coming months (Q4, 2023).

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About Sodaclick:

Sodaclick is a leading global content and AI experience innovator that is driving the future of retail, hospitality and beyond.

With Sodaclick’s content and conversational voice AI solutions, businesses can unify brand image, increase sales through upsell opportunities, and personalise data driven interactions with their customers. Sodaclick enables QSR brands to address labour shortages, improve speed of service, and overcome language barriers by reshaping the in-store and drive-thru experience.

Additionally, Sodaclick provides dynamic HTML5 content through its creative platform with seamless digital signage CMS support and thousands of customisable agency grade graphics for maximum engagement.

Effortlessly aligning with the wider ecosystem of hardware / software partners, and system integrators, Sodaclick offers a flexible avenue to introduce its digital products across various sectors, including QSRs, retail, hospitality, education and public spaces.

Sodaclick is committed to influencing the future of technology, by creating new ways to engage with the world and harnessing the potential of its solutions, empowering brands to thrive in an age defined by dynamic digital experiences.

About PFM:

The PFM Intelligence Group combines infrastructure, data collection systems, data reporting and analysis to help clients understand their customers better and gain the confidence to make important business decisions, based on facts.

This is how we empower organisations to harness the full potential of their commercial locations by helping them generate consumer insights to revolutionise decision-making.

Providing services to a diverse range of customers, including leading retail giants, railway hubs, local councils, property owners and major fast food chains, our credibility stands strong.

Our leading role in the quick-service restaurant sector establishes us as the go-to provider of drive-through communications technology. We advocate the essential intercoms, state-of-the-art headsets and sophisticated measurement systems that are the backbone of this dynamic industry.

At PFM, our mission is to enable organisations to unlock the potential of their (drive-through) locations. We do this by providing unrivalled communication tools, data-driven solutions and integrated strategies, all focused on enhancing the customer experience and maximising revenue results.

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Sodaclick is a digital signage platform specialising in dynamic content and voice AI experiences at every touchpoint

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