Sodaclick and Advantech partner to revolutionise customer interactions with AI

Sodaclick, a leading digital content and voice AI technology company is proud to announce its partnership with Advantech, a global leader in IoT technology. This collaboration promises to deliver cutting-edge, robust, and interactive solutions through conversational voice AI, transforming retail and hospitality businesses worldwide.

Advantech’s advanced IoT solutions, known for innovation, performance, and reliability, complement Sodaclick’s expertise in AI and content delivery. Together, they bridge the gap in embedded technology, driving fundamental changes and offering unique AI solutions across industries.

This strategic alliance between Sodaclick and Advantech represents a significant step forward. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, they are set to catalyse transformative advancements with unique and immersive AI solutions, to redefine user experiences across various industries “Our joint efforts in AI and IoT are not just about advancing technology, but about creating smarter, user friendly experiences that resonate with customers globally. We look forward to working with Advantech to offer seamless and innovative solutions that truly make a difference.” said Ibrahim Jan, CEO of Sodaclick. 

This is very beneficial for clients across industries, as it will ultimately enable greater business agility, increased efficiency and improved customer experiences through the combined power of voice technology and powerful Intel based hardware.

“’Working together with the content and AI experts from Sodaclick will be a gamechanger for all our innovative retail and hospitality customers over the next few years. The effortless alignment with Advantech’s hardware facilitates ease of implementation whilst increasing sales and ROI on the day-to-day operations’ ” said David Chantry, Channel Manager for UK & Ireland for Advantech Europe B.V

Over the coming months Sodaclick and Advantech will be showcasing the power of their combined solutions at upcoming exhibitions. The first debut will be at ISE 2024 in Barcelona 30th January – 2nd February, followed by the Retail and Technology Show in London 24th – 25th April, where visitors will be able to experience first hand the digital signage and interactive voice AI solutions on offer.

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About Sodaclick:

Sodaclick is a leading global content and AI experience innovator that is driving the future of retail, hospitality and beyond.

With Sodaclick’s content and conversational voice AI solutions, businesses can unify brand image, increase sales through upsell opportunities, and personalise data driven interactions with their customers. Sodaclick enables QSR brands to address labour shortages, improve speed of service, and overcome language barriers by reshaping the in-store and drive-thru experience.

Additionally, Sodaclick provides dynamic HTML5 content through its creative platform with seamless digital signage CMS support and thousands of customisable agency grade graphics for maximum engagement.

Effortlessly aligning with the wider ecosystem of hardware / software partners, and system integrators, Sodaclick offers a flexible avenue to introduce its digital products across various sectors, including QSRs, retail, hospitality, education and public spaces.

Sodaclick is committed to influencing the future of technology, by creating new ways to engage with the world and harnessing the potential of its solutions, empowering brands to thrive in an age defined by dynamic digital experiences.

About Advantech:

Advantech has the corporate vision to “Enabling an Intelligent Planet”. The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with the industrial IoT platform – WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with business partners to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence.

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Sodaclick is a digital signage platform specialising in dynamic content and voice AI experiences at every touchpoint

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