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Salwa Al-Tahan

19th October 2022

Reseller Spotlight: ATS

Interview with Brad Eisenhaure President of Activate The Space.

Activate The Space is an award winning, Iconic AV projects, products and services company based in the United States of America. Being one of the leading AV Environment design companies, Activate The Space has gained great success through their philosophy:

‘Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works.’

Activate The Space has been selling digital signage solutions for over 15 years, and has been a valued reseller of Sodaclick since 2018 with their first clients to use Sodaclick being Infor, Under Armour, New York Hall of Science, amongst many other brands.


Why Use Sodaclick?

Sodaclick at the core, has always been about offering effortless, easy to use solutions and a great user experience. The ethos is simple:

 ‘Create, publish and update, free flowing, dynamic HTML5 digital signage content from any device’

Such levels of simplicity and control to do quick edits even from your phone is a key selling point. So, when asking Brad why he chose Sodaclick over other content platforms? Brad replied that he was initially ‘looking for an easy way to have clients update their digital signage’. This powerful capability is possible because the content is always connected in the cloud, meaning that updates can be made in a matter of seconds and deployed across simultaneous screens.

How else does Sodaclick lead in the content creative world? By offering users the ability to customise 4K content from a range of design agency grade templates and with access to millions of royalty free images. Another great attribute that Brad highlights is that with Sodaclick you can adhere to customer’s design guidelines and recreate on brand content. This has always been key to co-founders Ibrahim and Ihsan Jan who come from a graphics design and software engineering background with over 20 years industry experience.


By knowing the pain points of other applications, Sodaclick strives to overcome these challenges and offer a one stop solution. It is this attribute amongst others that resellers like Activate The Space & Brad relish on. Confidently stating: ‘Sodaclick is one of the only systems that is ready-made out of the box, that allows people with no programming skills to create digital signage slides with fields that can be updated without compromising the brand style.’

Activate the Space heavily leverages the google calendar integration and front desk mode for easy scheduling and welcome messages across various brands covering both commercial and retail space.

When asked how Sodaclick manages any pain points that other content creator platforms fail on, Brad replied: ‘The support is great’.

Rest assured that the Sodaclick team is committed to delivering the best service and support to resellers and users alike allowing for a great user experience and rich content.  

Want to know more?
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