Nourish + Bloom Market Case Study:

Completing the frictionless experience for Nourish & Bloom Market with Voice AI-Integrated vision checkouts

Nourish & Bloom Market, is the first African American-owned autonomous grocery store in the United States. The owners Jamie and Jilea Hemmings sought to revolutionise the grocery shopping experience in a post lockdown world by combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to making healthy eating convenient for all. This case study showcases how Sodaclick partnered with UST to integrate voice AI into their vision checkouts, creating a seamless and frictionless experience for Nourish & Bloom Market.


As an autonomous grocery store with walk-in walk-out technology there were still some food items for example from the salad or deli bar that that couldn’t be recognised, and needed to be weighed and priced accordingly. These would need a self-checkout, but Nourish & Bloom Market faced the challenge of optimising the checkout process to align with their mission of frictionless convenience. They sought a solution that would leverage advanced vision technology to continue to streamline the autonomous shopping experience whilst maintaining hygiene, reducing friction during checkout, and enhancing the overall customer satisfaction.


Voice AI Integration for Streamlined Operations and Efficiency:

Sodaclick collaborated with Nourish & Bloom Market to integrate voice AI technology into UST’s vision checkouts. By harnessing the power of voice recognition, customers could effortlessly place their items in the vision checkout where they would be weighed and navigate the checkout process using their voice commands. This touchless innovative solution eliminated the need for manual input, and streamlined the process by minimising waiting times, reducing errors and providing a frictionless and efficient checkout experience.

Elevating Hygiene Concerns post Covid:

By offering a seamless touch free checkout experience, Nourish & Bloom Market solidified its position as a leader in technology, maintaining high standards of hygiene and convenience in a post Covid world. Sodaclick’s voice AI integration complemented the store’s autonomous and frictionless solutions, further enhancing customer satisfaction. This innovative approach to grocery shopping not only saved time for customers but also allowed them to feel safe and confident that the owners prioritised their well-being.


Through the collaboration with Sodaclick, Nourish & Bloom Market successfully enhanced the grocery shopping experience with voice AI-integrated vision checkouts. This innovative solution delivered a frictionless and efficient checkout process, aligning with Nourish & Bloom Market’s mission to make healthy eating convenient for everyone. Sodaclick’s expertise in voice AI technology and their commitment to delivering exceptional customer-centric solutions empowered Nourish & Bloom Market to provide a truly unique and innovative shopping experience.

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