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In a world that thrives on digital modernisation, the pain points of static displays should also be a thing of the past. But are they?

Well imagine walking into your favourite coffee shop or quick-service restaurant (QSR), tempted by the stylish contemporary designs of the digital menu boards only to see an ugly sticky note attached to cover outdated prices or inaccurate product availability. A stark mismatch that truly is an eyesore and could leave a poor reflection on the business, not to mention impact the customer experience. But, even renowned brands- as highlighted by David Haynes, have fallen into this trap of missing out on leveraging the full potential of their digital signage and have resorted to sticking printed labels on! 

Digital Signage Pain Points:

If we take for instance the day to day operations of any QSR. It’s important to understand and expect that prices will fluctuate, special promotions may be needed and products will run out of stock. Traditionally, these updates would require the intervention of a design or graphics department, resulting in additional costs, time delays and potential inaccuracies. Not to mention the frustration when the delayed updates become irrelevant or out of sync with real-time needs, so whilst it may be tempting to resolve the situation by printing labels to stick on- please don’t!

To avoid such digital signage blasphemy, businesses need to embrace the agility and flexibility of real-time content editing for their digital signage. And that’s where Sodaclick, a leading digital signage content creation and management platform comes in. To effortlessly bridge the gap between designers and operations by empowering users with the ability to take control of their content.

Requirements of Digital Signage:

Most in the digital signage industry would agree that the requirements of digital content should be: 

  • Easily accessible
  • Easily editable
  • Always relevant and up to date
  • Connected with real-time data
  • Cost effective 
  • Effortless to manage

Sodaclick Solutions:

'Quick Edit'

Sodaclick’s platform has innovatively addressed all these needs, with its simple to use cloud based interface and specifically the ‘Quick Edit’ function. This unique feature lets businesses overcome the constraints of preset form fields and confinements typically associated with other platforms. And through the ‘Front Desk Mode’ feature, allows specific associates who have been been given permissions- even those with no graphical or technical skills, to make any necessary changes on the fly- from any device (a mobile, iPad or laptop). 

So simply by logging into the Sodaclick dashboard and editing using the ‘Quick Editor’ users can edit and update in real time. Sodaclick also has a ‘Hide and Show’ button, which allows certain fields to be visible/ invisible at a click of a button. This is ideal for menu boards when an item becomes unavailable, and saves staff having to apologise or stick ugly ‘out of stock’ labels, it also helps to improve overall customer satisfaction.

For anyone with concerns over giving such permissions- don’t worry! The designs are always safe, and you can rest assured that designers can retain control over template integrity by disabling certain fields and images in the front desk mode, ensuring only necessary fields are accessible and the template’s design quality always remains uncompromised. 

Google Sheets & Menu App:

Another practical feature that gives users further control with more detailed lists and information is Sodaclick’s integration of Google Sheets and a Menu app. Here you have the ability to upload a Google Sheets spreadsheet either directly through the Google Sheets app or through the Menu app. Allowing users to  share information from the Google Sheets spreadsheet easily by entering the sheets ID and selecting the required table range to be uploaded. 

Once again, Sodaclick allows users full control of the cell size, padding, fonts, colours and layout within the canvas. And all of this information can be edited and reached at a later time, simply by going back into the google sheets spreadsheet, making the required edits and saving. Because Sodaclick is a cloud based platform, you can instantly see these edits updated and reflected on your content slides in the app and to your screens all in real-time.



For larger scale businesses with a more sophisticated infrastructure -perhaps ones that may need to push regular edits or updates to many screens, it is possible to access the content through Sodaclick’s API. Sodaclick allows a request to be sent to a template and make any changes in real time from another programme through an API. So for example if a business has an existing logic, database or it’s own inventory and wanted to connect it all up to make it dynamic and easily editable, developers can access specific fields of a template, edit them through the API and send updates in real-time. It does require more development and integration, but allows operations to be able to streamline and automate the edits and updates with a tighter control. 



In conclusion, digital signage isn’t just about the technology, it’s about the content that fuels it. These simple solutions truly alleviate pressure on management by allowing seamless content updates in a matter of moments, ensuring that the information and content presented to viewers is always relevant and up to date. Such capabilities is truly what is required from a content management platform and allow for a successful digital transformation. The results are unarguably smoother operations, improved brand consistency, higher levels of customer satisfaction as well as improved brand image.

It’s definitely time to put an end to the constraints of traditional signage methods and ensure that digital signage content is always up to date, relevant and impactful. 

For more information on how to access edit with Sodaclick or to book a demo on our other easy to use features contact sales@

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