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Just like before!

Integrated System Europe is a mustattend event for any business, people travel far and wide to be part of this incredible event. It‘s a onestop shop for worldleading brands, providing an environment for businesses to connect and collaborate, exchanging ideas and knowledge across many industries. This year‘s exhibition was a special one, with the return to January time slot, and the preCOVID atmosphere. It also featured a content production and distribution zone in hall 6, giving the professional AV market a platform to showcase their products and services.

"People travel far and wide to join the eco system of integrations".

We were delighted to be part of a massive event that brought together over 1000 exhibitors from all over the continent, giving us a glimpse into the future of innovation. Our team was proud to collaborate with some of our partners to showcase our cuttingedge technology in various sectors, with a special focus on AIdriven customer experiences in the retail industry. “It was an incredible journey that we won‘t soon forget”.

Our main focus for this years event, was to create an ecosystem of integrations with technology leading brands to deliver fully interactive experiences, through a blockchain of different services. On the Arrow booth; Sodaclick presented a retail demo of an interactive coffee solution, featuring a voice selfordering kiosk connected to KDU (Kitchen display unit) ,with fully animated menu displays, and video walls, all connected through a seamless HTML5 url link. This interchain of commands delivers a concise retail image and an unforgettable customer experience.


Also this year we have collaborated with Asus and Quividi to deliver the Lift and Learn solution which is quickly becoming the new buzzword in the retail industry. This innovative technology is transforming the shopping experience for customers and providing retailers with a number of benefits. Lift and Learn technology is a new way for retailers to inform and engage customers. It uses sensors to detect when a customer picks up an item and then instantly displays relevant product information on a digital screen. This information can include product specs, customer reviews, and even promotional offers. For customers, Lift and Learn technology provides a more convenient and informative shopping experience. It eliminates the need to search for product information, so customers can make informed purchasing decisions faster and easier. For retailers, Lift and Learn technology has a number of advantages. It allows retailers to personalize the shopping experience by displaying relevant information tailored to each customer. This can help increase sales and customer loyalty. Additionally, retailers can use Lift and Learn technology to collect data about customer preferences and buying habits, providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

We initially focused our efforts on delivering a range of voice AI and dynamic digital signage solutions across various verticals, with the help of our partners Axiomtek, Flytech, and iBase. This showcased an ecosystem of collaborations to harness joint efforts in delivering topnotch solutions.

In conclusion; Integrated System Europe was a colossal event that highlighted the most recent advances in the world of technology and inventions. It was a demonstration of the immense capability of technology to revolutionise how businesses function. Additionally an invigorating experience for the participants and great illustration of how technology can be used to maximise efficiency and productivity. The show was a great platform for networking with industry experts, discovering new technologies and learning how to implement them in our own business. We are already looking forward to the next Integrated System Europe Show in 2024!

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