Caterleisure Group Case Study

Caterleisure Group is a leading catering and retail solutions provider for the travel and leisure industry to include franchises such as Costa and WHSmith in the UK. However, they recognised that their digital content had become outdated and no longer reflected the company’s values and vision in the competitive market. 

Challenge: Transforming the Menu Design for Caterleisure Cost Efficiently and Seamlessly

Caterleisure faced the challenge of expensive graphics design agency fees who would control all future updates and content edits which is not what they wanted. They needed a solution that would not only refresh their menu design but also provide a seamless and cost-effective way to manage future content updates particularly for prices or in-store promotions, without relying on a CMS provider that incurred unjustified costs.


Sodaclick’s team of graphics designers worked closely with Caterleisure to create a fresh and modern menu design, ensuring it aligned with their brand image and met their aesthetic preferences. By leveraging Sodaclick’s design platform, Caterleisure achieved visually appealing and engaging menu layouts that enhanced the overall customer experience. Additionally to address Caterleisure’s challenge of costly content updates and management, Sodaclick offered Caterleisure a seamless content management solution through their CMS platform. With Sodaclick’s platform, Caterleisure gained direct control over their menu content, eliminating the need for a third-party CMS provider. This newfound autonomy allowed the Caterleisure team to make real-time updates to menu items, prices, promotions, and images effortlessly.

The Design Process

To reinforce the Caterleisure brand identity, the designers worked closely with Caterleisure’s team understanding the scope of works and following a mood board as provided by them. The Sodaclick designers used their expertise and analysis of menu design trends along with the colour scheme of the provided mood board to create a consistent and cohesive design that reflected the brand’s identity.

Sodaclick presented Caterleisure with a range of design concepts, typography options, and colour palettes via mood boards. Our designers successfully came up with a contemporary layout that would appeal to customers and make it easy for them to navigate through the menu. The typography used was easy to read, making it effortless for customers to choose their preferred meal and drinks. In addition to the typography, the designers carefully selected and used eye-catching, high-quality images that created a menu with visual appeal. The combination of these elements allowed for a more inviting and attractive menu, enticing customers to make their purchases with upsell opportunities. Caterleisure actively participated in the design process, providing feedback and approving the final design.


Results and Impact:

Cost Savings and Elimination of Unjustified Expenses:

Sodaclick’s CMS platform provided Caterleisure a more affordable alternative to their previous design agency, and eliminated the reliance on a design agency for their future content updates. Offering significant cost savings and reducing unnecessary expenses associated with content management. This cost-efficient solution allowed Caterleisure to allocate their resources effectively and invest in other areas of their business since they no longer faced the high costs and delays associated with that. The Caterleisure team gained the flexibility to make unlimited price changes and updates on the fly from any device, ensuring their menus were always up to date and accurate. This streamlined the content management process and ultimately saved Caterleisure valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional food and beverage experiences to their customers. 

Streamlined Menu Updates:

With Sodaclick’s platform, Caterleisure achieved streamlined menu updates. They could easily modify prices, add new offerings, and make changes to their menu in real-time, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all their locations. This enhanced operational efficiency and eliminated the delays and complexities previously associated with content updates.

Improved Customer Experience:

The refreshed menu design, coupled with the ability to provide up-to-date information, greatly enhanced the overall customer experience at Caterleisure. Customers could easily navigate the menu, view accurate prices and explore new offerings. This seamless content management solution resulted in improved customer satisfaction and increased engagement.


Through Sodaclick, Caterleisure successfully addressed their menu design and content management challenges.

In summary, Sodaclick’s graphics design service provided Caterleisure with a complete menu refresh that aligned with Caterleisure’s brand identity, and was visually appealing- attracting customers and increasing sales. Additionally the Sodaclick platform provided Caterleisure with a seamless content management solution, eliminating unjustified costs and empowering them with direct control to manage content updates and edits on the go, from localised or centralised locations by the Caterleisure team. The enhanced user and customer experience as well as the cost savings achieved by Caterleisure showcased the effectiveness of utilising Sodaclick’s solution.

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