What is a Voice AI SDK? How can you use it?

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Salwa Al-Tahan

6th October 2022

What is a Voice AI SDK?

The Voice AI SDK is a Software Developer Kit that allows you to convert web-based touch applications into omni-channel voice controlled experiences.

Three common pain points of touch screens that the Voice AI SDK solves:
  • Touch screens are not accessible to those with visual and physical impairments.
  • Customers who are hygiene aware may not be comfortable using a touch screen. 
  • Language barriers prevent all from using.

Why choose Sodaclick's Voice AI SDK?

Well the Sodaclick Voice AI SDK was created with a simple objective- to be as SIMPLE as possible! 

And the beauty about this Voice AI SDK is it’s easy to integrate into both new or existing digital touch screen kiosks without altering the user interface. 

What’s even better, is that the speech synthesis of the SDK really is of a near human like interaction. Sodaclick is able to offer a library of many voice actors and neural voices to choose from in over 85 languages and variants, enhancing the user experience in the most natural way possible and overcoming any language barriers. 

Additionally the Sodaclick Voice AI SDK boasts a near 98% accuracy and efficiency in the speech recognition (when a Sodaclick approved microphone is used) and the latency is effectively real-time. 

So, whatever your requirement and whichever industry. It is likely that you can use the Sodaclick Voice AI SDK as a solution to complete your vision and solve industry problems. This is possible not only because of such an easy integration, but also because Sodaclick uses enterprise level ASR with certifications for SOC, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH and ISO. Furthermore, everything adheres to the GDPR which covers all sectors including healthcare, financial, security and more.

How do you use the SDK?

As mentioned, Sodaclick has facilitated an easy integration that can be executed swiftly and efficiently into existing platforms or data systems thanks to a great development team who have removed the heavy burden of hard coding. So with the majority of the development work done, the SDK can now be built on by a mid level programmer with minimum intervention, and without the expertise or cost of higher level developers. Making the development process far less painful, faster and really a lot smoother than you would imagine! 

The SDK has been designed to be used with existing HTML code, and can be extended with Javascript for callback actions. So developers can easily update their HTML code with Sodaclick overlay class and custom attributes allowing for an omni-channel package, or it can serve new applications where voice can be used alone. 

Another important feature to note is that through the SDK, developers also have an option to switch on an offline solution. How you may wonder? Well, Sodaclick has the appropriate documentation to deploy the ASR model on premise through a docker container on a local network. So the SDK connection can be enabled to be by-passed through the local container for processing as opposed to the cloud. 

Of course, where a business doesn’t have a development team and if required, Sodaclick’s web developers are available to create and execute a full working solution using the SDK.


Example of how the SDK improves touch kiosks in QSR:

Let’s consider that a QSR or brand already has an application created for their customers to come in and use a touch screen in store for ordering, payment or for returns. 

However, not all customers are actually using the kiosks. Those with visual and physical impairments are unable to along with tourists or those with language barriers. Retailers always need to get the most out of their kiosks and give their customers the best user experience, as well as being inclusive to all with disabilities. 

Of course, it is understandable that such company has already invested a lot of money in the infrastructure and most are not looking to upgrade anytime soon. A simple solution is available! Make these kiosks or touch digital screens omni-channel with the use of Voice AI, allowing them to be not only contact free but accessible to all. 

Being a cost-efficient add on value the Voice AI SDK, simply allows developers to put an extra layer over the existing application without the need to upgrade any kiosks or infrastructure. Now, wherever there is already a touch action eg. ‘Burgers’ (see HTML snippet illustration below) the developer can set this as an option to invoke voice commands with speech synthesis playback. Next the text is passed to Sodaclick’s Voice AI SDK, and the SDK will bring back an audio of that transcript which can be played through the kiosk’s speakers.

As easy as that! You now have an engaging, touch free, accessible user option that is friendly and users love.

For further inspiration, please take a look at the blogs featured on our website to see demos with use cases in healthcare for a voice enabled patient self-check in, voice enabled vision checkout, a voice coffee ordering barista solution and QSR.  

Key benefits of a Voice AI SDK:

  • Easy to integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Easy to use  No need for high level developers
  • Added Value to businesses offering an omni-channel solution
  • Accurate with near real-time latency
  • Immersive experience for clients in a fast moving world of technology
  • Natural way to communicate
  • Faster Voice is three times faster than navigating touch
  • Inclusive to clients with visual/physical impairments and SPD 
  • Multi-lingual in over 85 languages and variants
  • Private & Secure Compliance to appropriate licenses across industries eg.HIPAA, HITECH etc. 

To summarise the Voice SDK really is a wealth of information that allows developers to build immersive solutions, allowing the message to be put across to clients without a need to touch.

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