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Salwa Al-Tahan

1st February 2022

Did you say coffee?

‘Yes please, no sugar.’

So who doesn’t love a cup of coffee? The truth is a phenomenal amount of us do according to brandongaille.com, we drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee a day and despite a decline due to covid in 2020 Business wire’s “Coffee and Tea Global Market Report 2020-30”, quotes an average growth rate of 9.0% yearly, expected to reach $191.1 billion in 2023. With millennials being the new demography according to statisia.com in 2020, nearly half of 18 to 24-year-old Americans drank coffee and almost 70% of seniors did as well. Clearly we are a species with a delectable palate for the rich aroma and smooth taste, but what do voice assistants have to do with our love of coffee?


We really HATE long queues!

Thought you were the only one? Not at all! 

According to Capgemini research on ‘leading pain points when shopping in stores’ found 60% of consumers considered long lines for payment the most frustrating. Truth is now more than ever in this fast paced world, we are impatient! With a constant desire to get things fast, expecting quality service and thriving on convenience, no one has time or wants to wait in a busy queue.

So whether it’s been for social distancing requirements, to help during staff shortages or to meet the increasing demand of our love affair. The industry has seen more self serve kiosks being introduced in cafes to successfully speed up the process of baristas taking orders. And for some years there has been a steady increase in coffee vending machines sprouting around in work places, hospitals, stadiums, airports, petrol stations and malls to name a few- all so that we can get that caffeine fix we so love on the go.

“The global unattended retail market is predicted to grow to a value of $46 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 7 percent between 2020 and 2027.” (PYMNTS.com) 

Why Voice Assistants?

So we already know that existing digital touch vending machines and kiosks are great for convenience, offering us a speedy solution and help reduce our queue times. But the reality is, many people’s psychology has been altered after the pandemic showing a reduction in the willingness to touch screens and buttons.

According to PYMNTS.com

“At the height of the pandemic, Hearne said revenues for Selecta UK & Ireland, two subsidiaries of Europe’s leading provider of self-service coffee and convenience food in the workplace and in public spaces, were down by 45%.”

These figures might seem disappointing, but let’s not forget that closures due to the pandemic also played a factor. There is nothing to suggest that these kiosks will become redundant, but rather there is room for improvement by regaining customer confidence. 

Also another excellent reason to move in the direction of Voice Assistants is the important factor that automated Voice commands are easier and faster to navigate than a touch screen. Analytics has already shown that people quickly grasp the concept and complete their purchase faster than swiping or clicking and it is inclusive or those with visual/ dexterity impairment.


Adding smart self serve kiosks that are functional and efficient with use of Voice AI or upgrading existing ones into omnichannel user experiences is easy. Simply with the addition of a microphone and a speaker, allowing customers to select between touch or voice commands to place their orders according to their preference. All can be done without incurring expensive development costs, by using their current IT infrastructure.

Using the most natural linguistic and accurate conversational feature, Sodaclick Voice AI prompts customers to simply order their favourite coffee, make adjustments or request alternative substitutions by saying their coffee selection through voice command. They then hear it played back as if they were talking and interacting with a friendly human. 


What's behind these voice assistants and how does it work?

Sodaclick Voice AI technology really is a game-changer in the world of voice recognition! 

Our solution overcomes the frustration you may have encountered with other voice tech companies where commands are missed or misunderstood as a result of noisy backgrounds. We use the best multi array element microphone with patented noise reduction and Sodaclick’s proprietary beamforming technology. What this does is cancel noise outside the desired listening direction, and allows the combined technology to focus solely on the customer in range. It also improves the accuracy of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and gives the best performance even in high noise environments such as coffee shops, malls and airports.


The use of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with multi lingual features in over 85 languages and variants is definitely something to rave about as it allows the software to listen and process humans natural messy language and translate that into the correct commands with minimal error. 

Voice Assistants will undoubtedly make the user experience engaging, comfortable and adaptable worldwide increasing business growth and customer satisfaction.



  • Friendly & polite – will give customers a near human like interaction. 
  • Speed and efficiency – this translates to a reduction in queue time and more sales.
  • Improvement in hygiene – Voice will free up staff time from cleaning and sanitising the stations and restore customer confidence.
  • Ease pressure during staff shortages – creating a better flow of traffic and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in probability of order errors by the employees – as the process requires full involvement of the customer, helping to improve the overall satisfaction and service of a brand.
  • Added health protection to staff -by minimising customer interaction and freeing up time to focus on quality of product.
  • Easy to change the display and menus – this can be done quickly without additional costs, through Sodaclick’s practical digital platform.
  • Improved representation of menu – digital screens allow for quality images & provide more detailed information about the item specifics. Eg.allergens and calories- helping customers make more informed choices.
  • Increased revenue – customers spend 30% more when they run through a digital menu on food and beverages kiosk. (PYMNTS.com)
  • Conversational AI prompts – customers can visualise available products & are prompted with additional purchase items that perhaps they hadn’t considered before. All in their own time without the pressure of standing in a busy queue or with others listening to perhaps indulgent orders.
  • Unattended sales opportunities -vending machines provide unattended sales opportunities around the clock.
  • Data –Anonymous observational demographic data can be collected if businesses choose. This will help analyse certain metrics & demography adding value.
  • Loyalty schemes – preferences can be saved on the cloud with a login or QR code scan increasing brand loyalty.

Watch the demo below to see just how smoothly it works!

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